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For a long time I was loyal to The Body Shop for all of my skin care needs. I appreciated their commitment to community trade and I loved how their products worked. I was disappointed to learn that even though they were progressive in some areas, they were still using lots of harmful chemicals in their production... like parabens. So, I have been slowly replacing my Body Shop products as they run out with safer and more organic alternatives. This hasn't always been easy. For example, I was not happy with the first alternative I tried to my favorite Body Shop body butter. It smelled too 'foody' and it was really greasy and sat on top of my skin rather than soaked into it. Because of this, I was hesitant to order another skin care product like it from the internet without being able to try it first, but took a chance on Lulu Life when it came up for sale on Pure Citizen.Shea butter has long been touted for its incredible moisturizing and even healing properties. But it mostly grows in places where workers are often exploited, like east Africa. Lulu Life is working to remedy that problem by working directly with a women's cooperative in Sudan. They purchase the shea nuts at fair prices and organically process them into butter themselves, so there are no middlemen. 100% of the profit goes to the cooperative. You can purchase the Virgin Sudanese Shea Butter as is, or they will add a natural oil to it for you at no extra cost. I chose to add some lavender. It is hands down the best lotion I have ever used in my life. The fragrance is sweet and subtle and it absorbs immediately into my skin, making it soft and smooth all day. I can't recommend it enough. Go get some!

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