Meaningful Purchase - August - mata traders top

Later this fall, Grand Rapids is on schedule to open its very first Anthropologie. About a year and a half ago when I heard this news, I almost jumped out of my chair with excitement. Anthro has been my favorite store for as long as I can remember. I never made a trip to Chicago without stopping there to paw through the sale rack (it's way to expensive for me to ever pay full price), I obsessively watched their website for mark-downs (they happen every Tuesday morning at 5am - I said I was obsessed), and I even followed some Anthro-themed blogs for a short time (indeed, there are entire blogs dedicated to shopping at just one store).

But, as you are probably anticipating, my love for Anthropologie has waned over the past year. Partly, I think it's because it has become increasingly more popular and well-known. (One of the things I always loved about it was that very few people in my community would shop there or had even heard of it, so I always felt special wearing one of their pieces.) But mostly, I can no longer support their various unethical practices. When I first started this project, I figured that giving up Anthropologie would be really difficult. Now, I don't even really enjoy looking at their catalog when it comes in the mail. Oh, I still think their clothes are beautiful, don't get me wrong. There are just too many other things wrong with the company for me to be excited about it any more. (I would encourage you to take a look at those three links if you have the time.)

My meaningful purchase for August did not come from Anthropologie, but I think it manages to capture some of their style that I have always admired. My husband likes to tease me for having an addiction to 'flowy tops'. He is right, of course, and this top is no exception. I bought it in Chicago at the Andersonville Galleria. It was made fairly in India and sold by Mata Traders.I love how the body is full and blousy, but the square neckline gives it some structure, so it doesn't just look like pajamas. The colors are bright and the print is vibrant. It looks great with skinny jeans. I don't miss Anthropologie when there are beautiful and ethical clothes like this available. In fact, I think I'm going to add this top to my Christmas list.


  1. those colors are so great. I definitely got sucked into the website.

    I just stumbled across this website the other day, too- have you heard of it? http://fashioningchange.com/

  2. Cool top; does it need a belt?

    Quick question - when you hyperlink text, could you use a text color with a little more contrast? I would have completely missed those links about Anthro if you hadn't called them out in the parenthetical.

    Welcome back!

  3. thanks! i have actually been playing with the colors for the past couple days because you're not the first to mention it! (sad that all my hard work linking to everything has been going to waste all this time!) do you think it's better now?