Organic Alternatives - halloween candy

Halloween is right around the corner and my husband is gearing up like crazy! He has dry ice, a strobe light, spooky music, lots of creepy props like skeletons and gravestones, and he even downloaded some videos of scary images to project on the window. I am afraid the kids will be too scared to even come to the door! Well, they might be scared of our decorations, but there's nothing scary in our candy this year. We chose fair trade and organic treats from the Natural Candy Store.Here is a great article I came across that summarizes why we feel it's so important to purchase fair trade chocolate candy. We chose Endangered Species mini chocolates. Not only is the chocolate fair trade, but they also give back a portion of their profits to help protect endangered wildlife around the world. We also got a few packages of Surf Sweets Jelly Beans for the kids with the really good costumes. And we stocked up on these fantastic little YummyEarth lollipops that come in real fruit flavors like blood orange, mango and apple. It's not too late to buy some ethical Halloween treats yourself! In fact, today is the last day for standard shipping!


  1. Can't wait for Halloween and making it ethically sound and tasty!