Meaningful Purchase - Husband's Jeans Edition - good society denim

So, my husband is rather tall... and rather thin. This poses numerous problems for him when purchasing clothing, particularly pants. When I started this project, I included him in it as well. However, as you might suspect, there are far fewer options for sustainable menswear out there than women's. In fact, I don't believe we have successfully purchased an item of clothing for him yet this year. Well, you can imagine my excitement when one of the only fair trade organic denim distributors, Good Society, came up for sale on Pure Citizen... for 50% off! We had been burned ordering pants online for him before, so we were hesitant. But they had a slim fit style that claimed to have a 34 inch inseam. So, we tried it.Low and behold... these jeans fit him better than any other pair he's ever purchased! He put them on an instantly a smile came across his face. Jeans that don't fall off without a belt... and don't reveal his shins when he sits down? A miracle.

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