Meaningful Purchase - June - alternative apparel shorts

Even though I'm not shopping there anymore, I do still love looking through J Crew catalogs for style ideas. I love the way they mix casual with dressy in unexpected ways. In particular, I love how they mix lounge-y cotton bottoms (like sweatpants and shorts) with either floaty or structured tops. So, when summer rolled around I decided I was in the market for some sweatpant shorts to try to replicate the trend. (Not to mention the fact that I will jump at pretty much any opportunity to wear stretchy pants, fashionably, in public.)The kicker for me with this month's purchase was what I ended up paying for something I could have gotten for probably 10 bucks at Target. I admit, in this instance, that I used this blog project as an excuse to spend more money than I normally would have on this kind of item (they were 25% off at least). One of my goals with this project is to be more intentional in thinking about what I really want or need. I believe it's a good thing that safe/fair merchandise costs more. It should cost more. The money we save by buying cheap stuff is being paid for somewhere, usually in damage to humans and the environment. In the past, I would have shopped around to find the absolute lowest price for this style of short that I could. But the reality is, if I'm not willing to spend the money that a product is actually worth, I probably don't need it.
I'm happy to say that I have already worn these shorts quite a bit this summer, both around the house and out. They are extremely comfortable, but aren't so baggy that they look like gym-wear. They come from Alternative Apparel. I really like this brand. Everything they sell looks comfortable and lived-in and is made mostly of slubby and soft organic cotton. And they seem to have a nice blend of shapes that are both trendy and classic. They also do have pretty decent sales from time to time.
I also ordered my husband a pair of pants to try, but they were comically short on him. So, fair warning to all tall skinny men out there, these pants may not be right for you. It was easy to return them, however, and their customer service was helpful and efficient when I had a question about our refund.

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