Eco Friendly Planner - house of doolittle

I, like most people, love back-to-school supplies... especially planners. I have always been a 'big picture' person when it comes to planners and therefore choose monthly rather than daily or weekly. There's just something about having my whole month on one page that I can take in all together.

Since starting this blog, I have gotten in the habit of checking for eco-friendly, organic, sustainable, fair versions of everything I decide to buy. It's quite a commitment and can often be discouraging... but not this time! I found this planner after a quick Google search and Amazon had it on my doorstep in no time. The brand is House of Doolittle and they sell eco-friendly office supplies made in the USA of recycled materials and printed with soy inks! They also cost about the same as any other planner you'd pick up at Office Max. That's a win-win in my opinion.Now... on to eco-friendly mechanical pencils....

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