Meaningful Purchase - May - consignment and vintage

I've been allowing myself to spend more than I normally would on individual items of clothing since I started this blog. But I know that this isn't sustainable, and I never intended it to be! My goal in doing this 'project' is to try to reduce my consumption overall. This month I went through my closets and filled 5 huge trash bags full of clothes to bring to Goodwill. I also saved a few choice pieces to bring to a local consignment shop for re-sale (more on them in a bit). It felt so good to purge all these pieces that were just taking up space in my closet and be able to look at my wardrobe with fresh eyes. I do love fashion and I always have, but the truth is I just don't need that many clothes. I usually end up wearing a heavy rotation of just a few of my favorite things anyway.

My plan after this year is done is to try to do most of my shopping (if I even need to at all) at consignment and re-sale outlets. I've never been that good at secondhand shopping and always found it exhausting and ultimately not worth it to paw through racks and racks of stuff hoping to find a gem. But, I'm going to get over it! While there are many awesome companies using sustainable and eco-friendly materials and fair production standards, the most eco-friendly thing we can do is stop buying NEW things and just RE-USE the things that already exist. So, that's what I did this month.

When I dropped off my clothing at my local consignment boutique, I also picked up this great soft cotton deep green top, which my husband said brings out the color in my eyes.I had been without sunglasses for a few weeks after sitting on mine in the car (don't get me started on how many pairs of sunglasses I've broken that way.) I found these at a different consignment boutique that just opened. I love the subtle vintage cat-eye shape they have at the top.
And finally, I found this super-cute mini purse (it's vintage Coach!) at an Etsy store. It has been very handy to have at the farmers market and wandering art fairs since it's hands free and not bulky at all. It just fits my iPhone, my cash or cards and a tube of lip balm. Plus the red jazzes up almost any outfit. When I got this bag in the mail, the owner sent me this cute little pin along with it. I love those personal touches you get when you buy things on Etsy. More on that topic soon.

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  1. Sarah, you have such a lovely blog! And i'm coveting that esty find - it's PERFECT.