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I've been addicted to lip balm (chapstick as we call it in the Midwest) since middle school. I remember carrying around every new flavor of lip smackers in my pocket to the point that I would have a worn lip balm tube-sized mark on the pocket of my jeans similar to the kind men get around their wallets. There are a lot of (un-reliable) reports out there about how women eat like 6 lbs of lipstick in their lifetime. While common sense would suggest that number is a bit ridiculous, we can safely assume that a good amount of what we put on our lips ends up in our system somehow. And much of what is available at the average drug store has been shown to contain lots of unsavory and often toxic ingredients, including lead! I've never been a big lipstick user, but I'm never not wearing lip balm. Lately, I've just been trying various brands from my local health food store, like this and this...

...but then, I saw an article from a blog I follow called Of a Kind. They profile and sell limited edition clothes and accessories from independent fashion designers. Very cool. Mostly too expensive for me. But this article was about lip balm, which is usually within my price range. The story goes that Claire, a like-minded lip balm addict, decided to play around with organic ingredients and make her own batch of balm one day, and now sells seasonal and other varieties that tickle her fancy under the name Stewart and Claire. You can even custom create and order a line for yourself or your friends! I figured I had to try one since it's the only cosmetic product that's guaranteed to be on my face all day and night.
This one is called 'summer' and it has hints of apricot, basil and coriander. It isn't oily or glossy; in fact, it has a very pleasant matte finish. It was $5 a tube, but worth every penny. Yum.

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