Meaningful Purchase - Maya Works Pillows - pure citizen

I've been wanting to buy something from this online merchandiser for so long just so I could write about it on this blog because they are so awesome! So, the site is called Pure Citizen and here is a quick blurb from their info page.
Pure Citizen is a place where you can save daily from a featured company that is making our world a better place. Each flash sale lasts only 72 hours. What you will find every day are products that are organic, fair trade, sustainable, recycled, cruelty free, natural, handmade...
Not all products can claim all of those labels, so you can also sort by your top priorities. (For example, their sale today is from Matt and Nat, who, while they boast handbags made from vegan and recycled materials, still manufacture in China and use non-organic materials like PVC and polyurethane as substitutes for leather.)

Basically, you sign up with your email address and they send you daily sale offers from awesome companies, often at 50% off or more! (There's no obligation and they don't sell your email to 3rd parties.) The other cool thing is that you have the option with every purchase to selflessly donate some of your discount to a non-profit or charity organization. I have to admit, I was selfish with this purchase and didn't donate anything, but I have high hopes for many purchases to come. These pillow covers are fair trade from Maya Works which is an organization set up to help support Mayan artisans in Guatemala. They bring some color into our previously all black, white and earth tones TV room and I'm hoping they will inspire more colorful accessories to come!

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