Meaningful Purchase - March - curator by she-bible coat

My husband and I took advantage of some insanely cheap plane tickets and decided to go to Paris for spring break this year. Since there is always a chance of rain during the spring in Paris, I needed a lightweight coat that would keep me warm (but not too warm) and relatively waterproof. Enter this funky number that has this huge collar/scarf detail around the neck that kicks it up a notch from just being a simple (boring) black canvas coat.
There are tons of different things you can do with this collar detail. I love it! Since I started this blog I have had a really good time searching for eco and fair trade stores on the internet. There are actually way more than I ever would have thought! This jacket was made by one of the brands that I saw and instantly loved, Curator by She-bible. They have an effortless and timeless style while still being up-to-date and funky.
I actually first found and eventually purchased this jacket at a different retailer, ecolissa. One of the things I love about these online boutiques is that you know who owns them and they communicate with you personally. I think that personalized shopping experience is something we really miss out on with all the 'big brands' and 'big box' stores that sell most of our stuff today. We have to find our 'shops around the corner' on the internet now. I'd still prefer to be able to walk into a neighborhood store and say hello to the people who make and sell the things I buy, but this is the next best thing.

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  1. I have loved reading these posts. Keep up the good work, friend!