Paris Scarf - merci

Paris in the spring is truly everything you'd imagine it to be. It was almost cliche how beautiful it was. We really packed our itinerary full, so we didn't have much time for shopping. But Paris, like most European cities, still thrives on small neighborhood stores, shops and boutiques. So, it's easier to find places that practice fair trade and fair labor and are even eco-friendly. One store I had read about that I knew I had to go to is called merci. Here are some pictures we took inside the store. They sell everything from clothing to linens to stationary. Most of the items there were way out of our price range, but I did pick up this beautiful coral scarf (which seemed to be 'the' color for spring in Paris.) It's so light and floaty, it's almost transparent. And it adds such a great pop of color to my mostly grey wardrobe.But here's the amazing part. The owners of merci donate ALL of their profits to a co-op for young women in Madagascar. Yep. You read me right. All of their profits. Merci, indeed.

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