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For a very long time, my husband and I shamelessly waited (counted the days, actually) for Verizon to start selling the iPhone. Well, it finally happened! And we were first in line, let me tell you. Though they are far from perfect, I do appreciate Apple's transparency efforts regarding their environmental and social impact. But I will talk more about media and technology in the future. This post is actually about our quest for environmentally friendly iPhone cases.
My husband and I did a lot of research to try to find cases that looked cool, weren't too bulky, and would offer the protection we wanted for our precious new communication devices. We found these bioplastic covers from Bioserie and were initially very excited about them. They are made out of plants!! They are super lightweight and they look really good on the phones; however, we've both had some issues with quality. I dropped mine and it got a little chip in the corner and Josh's got a small crack when he was trying to take it on and off.One of the things that I think we have to keep in mind with new technology like this is that it takes time to develop. Innovation doesn't happen overnight and it's rarely perfect on the first (or even 50th) try. But, the only way it's going to continue is if people support companies that are trying to make better choices for the environment by buying their products. Bioserie is currently designing the world's only bioplastic covers made of plants. They don't use any oil or petrochemicals in production and they are biodegradable. For that, I think I can live with a little chip in the corner. I was the dummy who dropped it after all.

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