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Johanna is an American living in Arequipa, Peru. She moved from Grand Rapids, Michigan to have an adventure and while she's there, she's making beautiful jewelry from local materials and selling it online.When her Etsy store first launched, she had some bracelets that immediately caught my eye. But apparently I wasn't the only one and the next time I visited, they had already sold. So, since I know her personally, I decided to email and see if I could place a special order. No problem! She made them custom in my size and shipped them in a matter of days. I found this lovely note and cute little alpaca figure tucked in with my shipment. I love the mixture of earth tones and metallics. They go with pretty much anything and I can keep them on all the time and they just keep looking better and more worn in. But the best part is... 30% of all profits from Johanna's shop are donated to Rosita. Rosita was born in Peru with a cleft lip and palate and has undergone surgery to correct it. Now, at almost two years old, she has developed additional health issues requiring medical attention. Johanna is supporting the work of Paz Holandesa and La Casa de los Pinguinos in Peru in keeping Rosita and her family healthy and happy. Here are just a few of her gorgeous pieces. I just love the all of the unique stones she uses and the soft, but vibrant colors. Click on over to her shop and show her (and Rosita) some love!

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