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One of the things that I knew would be difficult when I started this blog was finding an eco-friendly and non-toxic way to get my hair cut and colored. I looked around online for different natural and organic hair dyes, but I knew that my current stylist wouldn't get behind it and I figured I'd have to do it myself. I was lamenting all of this to my sister-in-law one day and she told me that her friend Kelly styled hair at an eco-friendly salon! Perfect.
In addition to using reclaimed materials and eco-friendly paint to construct the building, Salon Re: also uses water saving hair wash basins, natural cleaning products, and maybe the coolest thing - they donate all of their cut hair to Matter of Trust, an organization that makes hair mats to help clean up oil spills. Kelly uses a variety of low toxicity products, including yogurt and plant-based colors and lighteners. The salon also carries some great lines of natural hair care products, some that even come in compostable containers, that I'm excited to try when my current products run out.Overall it was a great experience. My least favorite thing about leaving the salon after getting my hair dyed has always been the smell. In fact, I usually wash my hair a couple times right away just to try to get it out. Not this time! My hair smells like flowers and spices, not chemicals. Thanks Kelly!

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  1. Then there's the cucumber water and cake. No enviro connection, but adds to the overall pleasantry.