DIY - Wrap Bracelet

I've been seeing leather wrap bracelets all over the place this summer and I love them! I believe the originator of the trend (the one that all the movie stars have) is Chan Luu. Hers are hundreds of dollars, but I've also seen copycats in local boutiques for around $5o. Then, I saw this tutorial on Honestly...WTF (odd name, i know... their site is awesome, though) and decided it would be a perfect lazy summer afternoon activity. I wanted to copy this Chan Luu style, as it's the most neutral and I thought my version might actually look similar. So, I bought natural Irish waxed linen thread and Greek leather cord on Etsy, picked up some chain and nuts from my local hardware store, and went to work!
It took me a little while to get into a groove, since I also decided to make a super long version that would wrap around my wrist 5 times like the original. But I eventually found an efficient method.
One episode of Barefoot Contessa later, and voila! Success. Now I just want to make a bunch more! Maybe I will even try some colors next time....


  1. Gorgeous! :) I love the extra long version!

  2. i did one today with brown leather , blue cotton ( from dmc brand ) and gold strass. really beautiful!