Meaningful Purchase - April - prairie underground romper

Being in my early thirties and a high school teacher, I often struggle with what constitutes as 'age appropriate' clothing. I typically adhere to the standard that if I see my students wearing something (a specific item or just a new trend) I steer clear of it. So, this month's purchase is walking the line for me. It's a romper. I've actually really admired the romper trend as it has unfolded over the past few seasons and I was sort of hoping to get on board. When I saw this one at my new favorite online eco-boutique, Beklina, I indulged. I hope I can pull it off.Prairie Underground is probably one of my favorite new eco-brands. Basically everything is made out of sweatshirt material, including their amazing 'cloak hoodies' that I have even seen cropping up at non-eco boutiques in town. And Beklina... where do I start... It's really expensive, so mostly I just dream, but I absolutely love love love their style. They also send lovely emails periodically that feel like someone is just typing them in their living room right to you... which is probably not too far from the truth. Delightful.

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